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    PowerPoint 2021 for Mac comes with a host of new features that will enhance your user experience and provide you with all sorts of tools when creating presentations.

    • Features

      Key Benefits 


      PowerPoint 2021 for Windows lets you create compelling content with the addition of features including co-authoring, Ink Replay, improved slide show recording, new stock media, and new Draw tab additions such as Point Eraser, Ruler, and Lasso.


      Improved slideshow recording


      The new and improved Record Slide Show in PowerPoint 2021 will make it easier to record your presentations. You can use the presenter video recording and ink writing tool with seamless transitions between sections and still pause to take a look at revisions or speaker notes!


      New stock media


      With the updated Office stock media library, you can create professional slides with rich media content that will take any presentation from good to great!


      New Draw tab


      PowerPoint 2021 for Windows has made it easier to work with digital ink with new additions in the Draw tab, like the Point Eraser and Lasso. You can now access all your tools from one place and change their colors without ever having to open another app! 


      Ink Replay


      In PowerPoint 2021, you can replay your ink strokes as they were drawn. This is a great way to illustrate things step by step or show how an idea came about with multiple steps playback. 


      Enhanced color picker


      In PowerPoint 2021, there is a new input field for color values in the Colors dialog. No more converting between RGB and HEX formats! You can now define colors on your slides or objects by entering them as their respective HEX codes, such as #0F4C81 (Red) or 444 (Dark Gray).


      Sketched style outline


      Sketched style outline is now available in PowerPoint 2021. With this new feature, you can give a casual, hand-drawn look to shapes, and it's easy as pie! Try out the Curved, Freehand, or Scribble options for some unique looks to add interesting visual touches to your presentations.


      Microsoft Search


      Find what you need immediately with Microsoft Search in PowerPoint 2021, located at the top of your app on Windows. It helps users quickly locate any information they want from text files.


      Know who's in your presentation


      See who else works with you and where they are in the presentation document.


      Screen-reader compatibility


      To make your slides compatible with screen readers, place the elements on them in a way that's easy to understand when read out loud.


      Support for OpenDocument format


      New in PowerPoint 2021 is expanded support for the OpenDocument file format (ODF), which supports many new features. This specification was updated with version 1.3 from ODF 1.2 to include even more capabilities than before!


      Link to a slide


      Ask a colleague to contribute to your slide deck, and start them directly on the slide you need help with.


    • System Requirements

      System Requirements PowerPoint 2021 for Windows

      • Processor: Windows 11 or Windows 10 with 1.6 GHz
      • Operating system: Windows 11 or Windows 10 for PC
      • Memory: 4 GB (64bit), 2 GB (32bit) RAM
      • Hard disk space: 4 GB available disk space
      • Display: 1024 x 768 resolution for PC
      • Graphics: DirectX 10 graphics card for graphics hardware acceleration for PC
      • Additional system requirements: Internet access, Microsoft account

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    • Eris was helped me a lot

      Eris was helped me a lot

      Star Star Star Star Star

      Admin Premium Group 01/19/2024

    • Due to my own fault

      Due to my own fault I was having problems installing my purchase, but thanks to Emre it is now installed and working perfectly. I would definitely recommend this company and their very helpful staff

      Star Star Star Star Star

      Shirley 01/08/2024

    • Great price, great support

      Pre-sales GetMSOffice were able to help me decide which was the optimum product. Post sales when I was struggling with Microsoft's web sites their support team responded quickly and effectively to sort out my issues. I was up and running a couple of hours after having the Microsoft web site issue.. I have used this company several times and they have always delivered. I recommend them.

      Star Star Star Star Star

      Bill Hill 01/12/2024

    • What's the difference between Office 365 and Office 2019?

      You get the premium Office software with the Office 365 subscription plans: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access (Publisher and Access are only available on a PC). Office 365 can be enabled across various devices, including PCs, Macs, Android tablets, Android phones, iPad ®, and iPhone ®. Office 365 also comes with services such as 1 TB OneDrive room, 60 Skype minutes a month and support for Microsoft chat and phone. You get the new versions of the software with a subscription, and also receive updates as they happen. Learn more about Office 365.

      Office 2019 is a one-time purchase that includes classic PC or Mac applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and does not contain any of the features that come with an Office 365 subscription. One-time purchases do not have an upgrade option, which means you would need to buy it at full price if you intend to upgrade to the next major update.

    • How do I know my PC or Mac can run Office?

      By viewing the requirements, you can verify if your computer will support your Office version.

    • Will Office be identical on a PC, a Mac, and a mobile device?

      No. Office applications are designed to better function on each system and platform. The Office applications and version numbers available to Mac users can vary from those available to PC users.

    • Can people with an earlier version of Office open documents I created using Office 365 or Office 2019?

      Office 365, Office 2019, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office 2010, Office 2007, Office for Mac 2011 and Office for Mac 2008 applications can open your documents without further intervention. Customers using earlier Office versions would need to download and install a compatibility pack.

    • Is Internet access required for Office?

      Internet access is required for downloading and enabling all the new Office suites releases and all Office 365 subscription plans. Internet access is also required for Office 365 plans to control your subscription account, e.g. to install Office on other PCs or to change billing options. Internet access for documents stored on OneDrive is also required, unless you install OneDrive desktop app.To keep your Office edition up-to-date and benefit from automatic updates, you should also connect to the Internet regularly. When you do not connect to the Internet at least every 31 days, your applications will go into reduced functionality mode, which means you can access or print your documents, but you will not be able to update or build new documents. Simplify reactivating your Office software by reconnecting the Internet.

      To use the Office software, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you don't need to be linked to the Internet because the programs are completely installed on your computer.

    • What is the maximum number of Office licenses I can activate using the same Microsoft account?

      Users can activate 1 Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal subscription, and up to 25 Office Home & Student 2019, Office Home & Business 2019, and Office Professional 2019 licenses.

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