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Windows 8.1When Windows 8 launched, it was seen as having great potential that was not fully utilized, along with some features that some people felt got in the way of their work. Taking this feedback into consideration, Microsoft looked at their product and created a substantial upgrade for it in the form of Windows 8.1. Now, you can enjoy these features as well.Live Tiles—Now you can access information from applications without even opening them. By pushing a key on your keyboard, bring up a set of customizable tiles that can automatically display information directly from your app. For example, see any new email messages without opening the mail app.Easy Gestures—Gestures are included right out of the box, allowing you to take advantage of a touch screen assuming you have one, or a trackpad if you are on a laptop. Swipe from one side to switch apps or from the right to open a different menu. Zoom in as well.System-Wide Search—Finally, you won't need to limit your search to certain locations now, and instead you search across the whole system with one menu.Sync Settings Across Devices—Whether you're using a tablet, a notebook, or a PC, you can set your settings for one machine and enjoy the same features on all of them. Sync things like passwords, backgrounds, colors, lock screen, app settings, browser settings, and more.Windows 8.1 took the basis of Windows 7 and added many new features to change the way you interact with Windows. Try it for yourself! Has the Best Windows SelectionBuy from and buy with confidence knowing that you are getting the best deal on the best software. If you are looking to purchase Windows 8.1, look no further than the experts at Getmsoffice! Contact our support team at +44 800 048 8538 for assistance with your purchase.