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Download and Install Microsoft Office for Mac 2016

Download and Install Microsoft Office for Mac 2016
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Microsoft Office for Mac 2016

For the 2016 edition of Microsoft Office for Mac, Microsoft went all out on including new features. They took what people loved about the 2011 release and used it as a basis for a staggering number of new features and overhauls. Not only that, but they have added a brand new app to the software suite to bring it that much closer to the Windows counterparts. Read on to see why Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac is the best version yet.

Microsoft Word—Microsoft took the basis of Microsoft Word for Mac 2011 and completely overhauled it to the point where it barely resembles its old version. Now, it appears far closer to the Windows release, with an improved Ribbon Menu and far more robust sharing and reviewing tools. A new Design tab gives you access to the features you need when you need them, and Smart Lookup displays information from the web directly in Word to help you with your research.

Microsoft Excel—Microsoft Excel for Mac 2016 has also been completely overhauled to create an experience far closer to the Windows version, and in some ways, superior. Take advantage of multi-touch gestures to make navigation through your project easier than ever, while also using keyboard shortcuts familiar to Windows users. Use software like Analysis ToolPak and Formula Builder to save time and focus more on the result, rather than the process.

Microsoft PowerPoint—Create beautiful presentations with a few clicks using Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 2016. Take advantage of new animations and transitions to really make your presentation pop.

Microsoft OneNote (New!) - New to this version of Microsoft Office for Mac, OneNote takes your notetaking abilities to a whole new level. Customize the notes to suit your needs, color coordinate them for organize them, and share them with others quickly and easily.

Microsoft Office for Mac for 2016 includes everything you love about Microsoft Office, but with new enhancements for Mac users. Enjoy the software as you never have before!

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