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Microsoft Office 2016Microsoft Office 2016 is the latest and greatest version of Microsoft Office yet, with a slew of new features to change up the way you create and organize. A new modern look makes you feel like you using cutting-edge tech (because you are) and new collaboration tools ensure that you can work with friends and colleagues easily and efficiently.Microsoft Word 2016—You already know that Microsoft Word is the best word processor on the market. With 2016, new features have been added that will keep it there. New editing, reviewing, and sharing tools make it easier than ever to create great-looking documents. Smart Lookups display contextual information directly from the web to keep your focus where it needs to be—on your words.Microsoft Excel 2016—New features such as Analysis ToolPak, Slicers, and Formula Builder allow you to work more efficiently, saving time so you can focus more on the insights you gain from viewing your data. Work with your data in new and intuitive ways, using familiar keyboard shortcuts and a fresh new interface.Microsoft PowerPoint 2016—Create presentations that wow your audience with a few clicks by utilizing the included templates. These templates are beautiful, professionally designed, and meant to allow you to focus on the important part of your presentation--your message. Add threaded comments alongside your slides to incorporate feedback and make the best presentation possible.Microsoft OneNote 2016—Create a digital notebook and add whatever notes you want to it. Include ideas, web pages, photos, even audio and video in one central location. Share these notebooks with friends and family to keep everyone on the same page, and access OneNote from anywhere, allowing you to add notes whenever inspiration strikes.Microsoft Office 2016 takes the beloved software and brings it up to date with the modern era. See for yourself why this has become the software to beat.