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Microsoft Office 2010Microsoft Office 2010 took the structure of previous versions of Microsoft Office and kicked it into high gear, taking the features you loved, and improving on them, making this one of the most robust Microsoft Office offerings. See what new features they added below:Microsoft Word 2010—In Office 2010, Microsoft took the basis of Microsoft Word and added new picture editing tools to really take your documents to the next level. Add lively text-effects, create diagrams, and easily add screenshots directly into your work. Plus, sharing documents has never been easier, and you can invite others for collaboration.Microsoft Excel 2010—Microsoft added new templates to help you build whatever you need Excel for, whether it's budgets and expense tracking, or setting financial goals. Filters have been improved to help you find data when you need it. Analyze data quickly and easily with new conditional formatting, giving you all the information you need, when you need it.Microsoft PowerPoint 2010—New Templates have been added to give you beautiful presentations with a few quick clicks, so you can focus less on the design and more on the message. New animations and transitions make your presentations stand out from the rest. Easily add videos as well to give your presentation that extra kick.Microsoft OneNote 2010—OneNote is the most powerful note-taking software, bar none. Post, edit, and share notes with a group or family to keep everyone on the same page. Create multiple notebooks and organize them however you see fit. Take notes while working in Word, PowerPoint, or Internet Explorer and automatically link them.Microsoft Office 2010 includes some of the most powerful office software on the market, taking what worked about previous versions and upgrading it to the latest Has Microsoft Office 2010.If you’re looking to purchase Microsoft Office 2010 online, Getmsoffice is the best place to get your copy. We have the best prices guaranteed and provide superior customer support to make sure that you are happy with your purchase. Call us today at +44 800 048 8538 for assistance with your order.