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MS Project 2013

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Microsoft Project 2013Microsoft Project allows you to create and manage your projects through an intuitive user-interface designed to give you the tools you need and get out of your way, to let you focus on the project itself rather than fighting the software. Microsoft Project 2013 takes many of the features you love in previous versions and either upgrades them or adds new functionality to make them better than ever. Here are some highlights:Customizable Report Templates—Create the kind of reports you want to see with customizable report templates, right in Project. You won't need to export your data to a third-party program just to create eye-catching displays for your presentations.Formatting Gets Improved—Avoid walls of data seen in other project-management software with new graphics and formatting tools. Organize your data better and make it easier to understand at a glance!Burndown Reports—See your project's planned work, completed work, and remaining work in easy-to-understand graphs and charts. Always know exactly where your project is and what is happening with it.Interface with Other Office Programs—Export your Project reports, timelines and other data to the other Microsoft Office programs, allowing you to easily make presentations in PowerPoint or handouts in Word.Share Information Easier than Ever—Join Online meetings and share your Project files from any supported device.Use Lync to Communicate Straight through Project—If you have Lync installed, send email, instant messages, or dial a phone directly through Project. Stay in touch and keep everyone on the same page without leaving the program.Buy Microsoft Project 2013 from GetmsofficeMicrosoft Project 2013 contains everything you need to take your projects to new levels of efficiency. Take advantage of the new features to keep your projects running smoothly and use the improved interface to organize your work easier than ever. Once you try it, you'll wonder how you ever worked without it! has your copy of Microsoft Project 2013 ready for instant download. Buy your copy today and contact our support team at +44 800 048 8538 with any questions you may have!