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Microsoft ExcelNo matter how complicated your numerical data can get, Microsoft Excel will handle it. Enter vast amounts of data into an Excel spreadsheet, and let Excel do the heavy lifting and mathematics for you so you can focus on the important stuff—using the data to make business decisions. You'll wonder how you ever managed data without it once you get started.Generate Charts and Graphs Easily—After you have entered all of your data, you may end up wondering just how exactly you're going to present this data to an audience. Excel's got you covered. It includes a number of different graph types, from Line to Bar to Pie and more, and automatically generate these graphs with the data you input. Create beautiful graphs with a few clicks!Preview Data Trends—Excel can predict what kind of graphs and charts will best for your data based on the information you input. Let Excel answer the question of the best method to present your data for you and focus more on the result.Power Pivot—Use the Power Pivot feature to link up your tables and run complicated calculations quickly and easily, giving you ever more power than ever before.Formulas—Create custom formulas and let Excel do the math for you in an instant! Tell Excel to total different rows and columns and let it update the results as you enter information, keeping you moving efficiently.Import Data from Outside Sources—Add data easily from cloud and corporate data sources, saving you time and money!With Microsoft Excel, you can easily handle large numbers of data with a few clicks and let Excel do most of the heavy lifting for you. Get back to running your business and analyzing the results of the data and spend less time inputting. See why Microsoft Excel has become the standard for numerical data everywhere.Buy from and SaveBuy with confidence from and instantly download the software you want for the absolute best price. Call us at +44 800 048 8538 to speak with a member of our support team for assistance before, during, or after your purchase.