So, Microsoft just announced that it will be releasing Office 2019 right on schedule. The popular software suite will be made available to the public in the latter part of 2018. Although there hasn’t been much said about what makes the software outstanding, it is well documented that Office 2019 will likely be well-received by individuals and businesses who don’t feel comfortable with cloud-based applications.

The Cloud is Not for Every Microsoft User

You see, not everyone wants to be on the cloud. In fact, many traditionalists can’t stand the idea of not having access to apps and servers that they can access in their place of business. Even though these items remain in the cloud with Office 365, it’s not enough to convince the users to make a switch from Office 2013 or Office 2016.

Although it may not be everyone’s way or even the most efficient way to approach matters, it’s still our customers’ choice to determine which option is best for them. That’s why we count on carrying Microsoft Office 2019 so you can continue to download, install, and use its programs the way you’re used to using them. We always give you a choice when it comes to the products that we offer because your satisfaction is our priority.

A Vast Selection of Products Keeps Customers Coming Back to Us

Get MS Office is thrilled to hear that yet another version of Office is being released. We know how much our customers differ in needs. That’s why we offer a vast selection of authentic Microsoft products to choose from.

Simplifying Processes and Increasing Accessibility is Microsoft’s Way

Being comfortable with whatever software version a person elects to buy for themselves is how they’re able to make better use of the programs, tools, and features that make up Office. When something is familiar, it’s easy to use. Microsoft, a leader in technology, prides itself on being the type of company that simplifies things to make them more user-friendly.

Cloud-Based Technology Confuses Some People

Some people think that Office 2019 has no purpose but for people and businesses who are ready to embrace cloud-based technology disagree. They prefer to have copies of their applications on hand physically. They like to access their servers from their physical locations not virtually.

What to Expect from Office 2019

The real changes that come with Office 2019 have to do with Inking capabilities and animations within PowerPoint. Improved offerings emphasize productivity while remaining familiar for Office 2016 users. Although these things may not be reason enough for a person to leave Office 365 in favor of Office 2019, it’s enough for people using hard copy or digital copies of Office 2016 to invest in the software.

We Believe in Making Buying Software Quick and Easy for You

We continue to offer our customers choice in which products they use. It’s Microsoft’s way, and it’s our way, too! We believe in making things as quick and easy for our customers which is why we offer instant downloads of Microsoft software and apps.