Microsoft Word is among the most popular Office 2016 programs available. More than a word processing program, it’s packed with tools and features that allow you to design, edit, and product documents of all types including newsletters, flyers, business cards, brochures, and detailed reports with cover pages. It’s among the most popular and trusted word processing programs worldwide.

Microsoft Office Hacks Make Quick Work of Big Tasks

Here are some of the most useful Microsoft Office Word 2016 hacks you’ll run across:

  • Apply Quick Styles to the same report you create week after week.

    This keeps you from having to waste your time formatting the same documents repeatedly. You can pull up Quick Styles and it will do the work for you because it remembers the previous files you saved.
  • Use the Spike selection to copy and paste multiple paragraphs of text at once.

    Rather than spend a great deal of time scrolling, highlighting, and copying, you can use this option. It will do things all at once and save you a great deal of time. You won’t lose precious minutes rearranging text over and over again.
  • Turn off automatic formatting.

    If you’re tired of Word trying to auto correct your work, you have the option to keep this from happening. All you do is elect to turn off the auto-formatting and continue typing away.
  • View documents side by side rather than open another window.

    Syncing the text prevents you from needing to scroll. This is yet another timesaver. You can compare two files to make sure that they’re accurate, polished, and professional.
  • Assign shortcuts to tasks you repeat regularly.

    If there isn’t a shortcut in existence already, you can create your own. You’ll be able to access the shortcut and bypass the rest of the steps involved.
  • Keep certain documents easily accessible.

    Your Recent Docs can be customized to reflect the documents you use most often. You’ll need to set up this hack but once you do, you’ll be set.

There are plenty of hacks for you to experiment with. All you have to do is try them out to see what works best for you. Doing so can significantly improve your workflow.

You’ll be more productive than you were before. This can help you get projects done in less time. If you get paid by the project, this can result in a lot more money for you yearly.

Shortcuts Save You Time and Effort

Learning shortcuts in your favorite software programs save you time and the frustration of accessing multiple tabs, drop down options, tools, and features. Once you’ve learned how to bypass these things and opt for easier ways of doing things, they’ll become natural for you to do. You won’t think twice about hacking the system because it’s something you’ve done repeatedly in the past.

Teaching others how to do the same saves your school or workplace hours of wasted time. Each person becomes a faster, more productive version of themselves. Hacks are designed to take the guesswork out of even the most menial task by making them easier to complete in shorter amounts of time.

MS Office is Available as a Digital Download for Mac or PC

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Make your personal, professional or academic life as efficient as you know it can be. Stop fooling around with time-wasting tasks. Instead, find a way to do them quickly before moving on to the next one. Once you’re an expert at hacking Word, you’ll have no trouble getting the most out of every single day you use the software.

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